Who We Serve Best

People approaching or going through a transition

Sean Craig works with you at all stages of life, but especially during a transition. You and your family may encounter transitions between retirement, divorce, losing a loved one, sending a child to college, and changing careers. These transitions can be challenging and stressful, but Sean is here to help alleviate the stress. Sean aims to provide simple, understandable financial guidance for peace of mind. 

Someone seeking a relationship with a Trusted Advisor

The more assets under management, the more significant impact we can make. Our fiduciary responsibility is to you; our services best suit individuals and families with $500,000 or more investable assets. However, every situation is different; and we want to make the most significant impact on your life no matter how big or small the project.

Our Planning Process

Discovery Meeting

We want to learn more about you and your goals in life, objectives, and needs. During our initial meeting, we'll address your questions about our firm and the breadth and depth of services we provide.

Gather Data and Set Goals

During our second meeting, we will take a closer look at your financial goals by understanding what is important to you. During this meeting, we can develop a blueprint of how to help you reach your goals.

Present Recommendations

After learning of your goals and situation, we'll present recommendations on how to best move forward to help you achieve financial success.

Review & Implement

Next, our team takes a trough step to review and implement changes that work best for you and your circumstances. It's our goal to schedule periodic review sessions to address any areas of concern you may have.

Monitor & Adjust

Life changes and situations change. As our team continues to monitor your plan, we will suggest changes to help you succeed as needed.